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The Only Dual Containment with 1/2″ Steel Protection

The HPE6000 cylinder fill enclosure fills one or two or three cylinders at a time. It provides increased safety during the fill process, only operating when the door is closed and locked. The HPE6000 is designed to contain the destructive force of accidental cylinder failure or hose rupture, while al­lowing the air blast to be vented away from the operator.

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29.S0″w x 23.S0″d x 62″h, Weight 800#

Construction of Fill Station:

  • Drawer contains 1/4″ steel plate on all four sides
  • Front of drawer contains additional 1/4″ steel plate
  • Outer cabinet contains 1/4″ steel plate on all four sides for 1/2″ steel protection on all four sides.

Standard Features: HPE6000-2:

  • Safety Interlock control system
  • Manual 1/2″ thick door locking bar
  • Stainless Steel Gauge Panel
  • Gauges and valves for each storage cylinder
  • (1) Adjustable pressure regulator (0 to 6000psi)
  • Inlet and Outlet pressure gauges
  • (2) Fill valves and gauges
  • (2) Fill hoses w/SS bleed valve & fill adapters

Safety Features:

A safety interlock prevents SCBA or SCUBA filling unless the front access door is completely closed and locked in place. All air control components are located inside the compartment. The carriage design “tilts” toward the operator whenever the door is opened. This facilitates loading and unloading cyl­inders and minimizes operator fatigue.